Minecraft – How To Change Colors Of The Sheep

MinecraftIn Minecraft, we must have seen or heard about a rainbow sheep that you can own on your farm. It is possible if you have possession of the specific item in your inventory. It is a fun trick where you can see the color of sheep’s wool changing frequently after assigning a name to the sheep. Here’s what you need to do!

How To Change The Colors Of The Sheep At Minecraft

All you need is a Name Tag in your possession or Inventory. Rename the Name Tag with the help of the Anvil. Place your Name Tag in the Anvil and at the top change its name to “jeb_“. After that take out the processed Name Tag i.e. “jeb_” and place it in your Inventory.

Next, you need to find the Sheep and right-click on the sheep with the renamed name tag to watch their color changing frequently. Name tags can be obtained by opening chests in the Underground Dungeon or at the chests found in the Mineshaft. Even at the mansion in Woodland (purchase the Woodland Explorer Map from Cartographer).

Apart from changing the color of the sheep, there are various other uses of the Name Tag i.e. to remove them from being hostile, turn them upside down, or make Vindicator go berserk against all the mobs. Each of these requires Name Tags with specific names assigned to them.

To remove them from hostile, name the tag “Husky“. To turn them upside down name it “Dinnerbone“. Whereas name it “Johnny” to let the Vindicator assist you. The name trick works on Java and Bedrock 1.8 versions or above.

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