Skull & Bones Ashen Corsair & Ambush Investigation Quest Guide

Skull And Bones

In Skull & Bones, The Ashen Corsair is an investigation quest only available to players who have pre-ordered the deluxe edition or have access to Ubisoft+. To start the quest you need to visit the warehouse in Sainte Anne and interact with the newspaper on the table. This will start the Ashen Corsair investigation and the first clue is somewhere on the south of Sainte Anne. Below you will find a brief walkthrough on how to complete The Ashen Corsair and Ambush Investigation.

Skull & Bones Ashen Corsair Investigation

On the south side of Sainte-Anne, you will find a Compagnie Royale settlement called Guerande of level 1. You need to plunder the settlement until the first stage to find additional clues to solve the investigation.

The next clue will be located on the Western Basin Sea as shown in the image above. Here you will find an outpost called Ile Michel. Check out the location in the image above to find a bottled note in the ocean. Inside the note, you will find the next clue to solve the investigation. A golden reddish light will glow from the ocean near the message in the bottle location.

The final clue is located near an outpost called Three Brothers on the right side of Ile Michel outpost as shown in the image above. There you will find a Compaigne Royale ship called The Ashen Corsair that you need to defeat in battle. After destroying the ship you will complete the Ashen Corsair investigation.

Ambush Investigation Walkthrough

The Ambush investigation can be started by finding a bottled note near Ile Michel Outpost as shown in the image above.

After finding the note, you must visit the Batavia Reef to find a shipwreck. Investigate the shipwreck to find the hidden treasure location. The treasure is buried in the Dutchman Camp outpost. Visit the outpost and search near the settlement to dig out the treasure and complete the investigation.

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