Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden – the flesh is weak all choice result

Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden

In Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden, after the prologue; we all learn that to resurrect Antea, Red has to sacrifice a large number of settlers to perform a Ritual successfully. Each Haunting Case can be solved after getting all the pieces of evidence. During the Closure, choices will be yours to make whether to Blame the haunted inhabitant, Ascend the ghost, or Banish the ghost.

Each choice will have different consequences in the long run, specifically on the way on how Red and Antea evolve as a couple. If you are intrigued by what the consequences are for each choice then we have all of it covered.

The Flesh Is Weak All Choices Result For Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden

Banishers: Ghosts Of New EdenBlame

Red will try to convince Jacob that every suffering must have an ending even though you believe that you merit no mercy. Murdering the friend or a man whom you called your brother while feeding on him. Altogether denying your part in his ending is binding his spirit to this realm.

Red will then be convinced that the truth and your death will ease his suffering. Jacob will quote “And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?” and ask for his forgiveness.

Red will then absorb his life essence and Antea will move her hand forward to hold Red’s hand that has Jacob’s life essence to suck it. The final word of Jacob would be “I took the life of a man I loved and ate his flesh. This I deserve.” Soon after, Benedict Stoughton’s spirit will fade away next to Jacob’s corpse.


Antea will calm down Benedict Stoughton’s soul by pressing and letting him remember life’s hardships, to stay alive, or when they are cornered; people are forced to do terrible things. During the time of despair, your best friend was killed.

To make up for his sin, he succumbed to cannibalism. Jacob has confessed his sins and is ready to forfeit his life due to the guilt as well as realization. Jacob has told the truth. You should go in peace.

Hearing Antea’s verdict, Benedict realizes that indeed they were trapped and the snare was set to kill them slowly. He forgives Jacob, his only friend, and forgives him to live his life guilt-free.

Red will then flash his hand and slowly Benedict’s soul will be ascended. This will complete the Haunting Case where Jacob is alive and he accepts that Ben has been gone for a long time. He will be sitting on the ground, exhausted while saying that he should proceed to give him last rites. He wants to be left alone.


Antea would confront Benedict Stoughton that he was betrayed, failed, and defiled. You were bound to a world to which you no longer belong. Neither you wish to stay here, or there is any reason to stay? Thus, you are not welcome.

Benedict will complain that he did not want this. It was him or me. The curse is on Jacob for what he did. Then Benedict Stoughton will get agitated and curse on the fog, forest, and everything.

Red will quickly perform the Banishment on Benedict Stoughton. Similar to Ascend, Red will say that Ben’s gone for good. However, this time Jacob will thank him while sitting on the ground.


Choosing to Blame will result in Jacob’s death. Choosing either to Ascend or Banish will have different ending dialogues and scenes but in both Jacob will live on.

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