Skull & Bones Cutthroat Secrets Sunken Goldmine Location

Skull And Bones

In Skull & Bones, there are various types of quests you will get from the NPCs. Some of the quests will be marked on the map, while for some you need to locate the area with the help of some clues or a treasure map. One such main quest you will get from John Scurlock is Cutthroat Secrets where you need to find an area called Sunken Goldmine. Below you will find the location on the map and how to reach Sunken Goldmine.

Skull & Bones Cutthroat Secrets Sunken Goldmine Location

The Cutthroat Secrets is a main mission you will obtain from Scrulock where you need to locate an Agent’s Stash to gather more information about the traitors. Examine the clue to find the location of the stash. The clue provided by Scrulock will be a map that tells you to seek out Sunken Goldmine.

The Sunken Goldmine is an outpost that can be found on the northwest side of the map. Visit the coast of Africa and go to the outpost as shown in the image above. You need to explore the outpost and find the secret stash buried in the ground. There will be a golden reddish light coming out of the ground where the stash is buried. Dig the ground to find the stash that will show you the location of the traitors.

Once you find the stashed treasure open your map to find the location of the traitors. Prepare for a battle by stocking your cannonballs and repairing your ship’s health. You need to take down the traitors in an intense battle and after destroying the traitor’s ship, you can proceed toward Saint-Anne to meet with John Scurlock and complete the quest.

In Sunken Goldmine you will also find a merchant that will be selling the blueprint for the Blaster ship. This ship has a base level 3 that specializes in dealing with heavy damage and status effects. Dealing fire and burning damage to enemies will spread the fire to nearby enemies’ ships.

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