Skull And Bones – How And Where To Farm Casting Sand

Skull And BonesCasting Sand is a valuable resource in Skull And Bones. It is used to upgrade or craft a high-tier ship, therefore it will always be in demand as you strive to improve the performance of your sturdy ship. Crafting a ship’s weapon, or increasing the armor will require Casting Sand and unlike resources such as Acacia, you will not be able to harvest it.

Casting Sand will be found in a specific area or a specific route. Why? Because it is a valuable resource that is transported by a specific ship. Finding the route and how to get the Casting Sand is not difficult but at the same time not so easy. Here’s everything you need to know about farming the Casting Sand!

How And Where To Farm Casting Sand In Skull And Bones?

The merchant ship of Ungwanan deals with Casting Sand. The ship follows a specific trade route that can be intercepted to gain the cargo which holds the valuable resources. You can use your Spyglass to check the content before looting the ship. Boarding these merchant ships can let you gain an extra Casting Sand.

The trade route follows from Harufu Settlement (i.e. situated on the West of Angaya Coast) to Jiwe, Pembe, and Mchanga. In this route, you will be able to find ships that carry Casting Sand quite often. The catch is that these ships are guarded by the Ungwanan warships and guard towers. So, you cannot be sloppy and get caught.

Apart from what we call as borrowing the Casting Sand from the riches (looting), you can simply embark towards the Sultani Island i.e. found under the Harufu Settlement. At the La Colonie Settlement, there would be a vendor from whom you can purchase Casting Sands legally. Stocks are limited, therefore you have to wait for the Vendor to restock its inventory. In the meantime, patrol the border or coastal areas of the Western Basin to look out.

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