Skull & Bones Thrill Of The Hunt & Use A Dhow

Skull And Bones

In Skull & Bones, there are various types of quests called Contracts. The thrill of the hunt is a side contract that can be completed at an early stage of the game. In this quest, you need to locate three different wildlife near the shore or sea and hunt them. Then give the trophies of the hunt to the sea people of Palisade Bay to complete the quest. Below you will find a brief guide on how to complete the quest and how to use a Dhow.

Skull & Bones Thrill Of The Hunt & Use A Dhow

The quest is quite simple as you need to hunt three wildlife creatures but you cannot hunt them with cannon and other weapons. You need to use the first small boat called Dhow, the one you got at the start of the game and used to kill the shark.

Dhow is the only boat where you can throw spears at sea creatures and hunt them. In other boats, you will be able to shoot cannons and other weapons but it can’t be used to hunt the wildlife. To use Dhow simply dock in any pirate den or outpost and press the circle on PS, B on Xbox, or Z on the keyboard button to get ready for sail. There you will find an option to change ship. Select the change ship option and choose the Dhow to complete this quest.

You need to hunt three creatures which are:

  • Hammerhead Sharks
  • Nile Crocodile
  • Hippos

These wildlife creatures can be found near the Sainte Anne pirate den. Open your map to find the location of each wildlife and hunt them with spears by using the Dhow. Once you have finished hunting all three of them, bring them to Palaside Bay which is near the Sainte Anne den, interact with the sea people, and give them the trophies to complete the quest.

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