Skull & Bones reef sea red isle royal burial ground high sea heist

Skull And Bones

In Skull & Bones, one of the contracts you will get from Scurlock is called “High Seas Heist”. This quest contains two parts where the first one is relatively easy if you have the proper upgrades in your ship. The second part can be time-consuming if you haven’t discovered the nearby islands.

You will have to find Caradec’s treasure containing goods that Scurlock needs. Your job is to find the buried treasure in the Royal Burial Ground outpost. Below is a brief guide on how to get the treasure map, where to find the buried treasure, and complete the quest.

Skull & Bones Reef Sea Red Isle Royal Burial Ground Outpost Location For High Sea Heist

The first part of the quest is to find a Compagnie faction ship of Royal Louis. The rumored location of the ship will be marked on your map which is on the northwest side. Visit the rumored location and find a level 4 ship with blue color sails.

Scanning the ships on the rumored location will mark the Royal Louis ship that needs to be taken down. Make sure you are at least level 3 to defeat the Royal Louis in battle or you can be taken down by additional reinforcement from the Compagnie faction. After destroying the Royal Louis, you will find Caradec’s Bounty Map.

This map contains a location where Caradec’s treasure is buried. The location you need to visit is called Royal Burial Ground outpost which is marked in the image above. This outpost is on the right side of the Reef Sea.

Upon reaching the location explore the island to find the treasure chest. If you are tracking the quest, you will find a reddish-golden light coming out of the ground. Visit the area the light coming out from and dig it to find the treasure. Take the treasure back to Scurlock to complete the quest. The rewards for completing the quest are the Bombard I blueprint, Bombard I weapon, Scurlock’s Prince ship cosmetic, and Fleur De Lis ship emote.

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