Skull And Bones – Relics Of The Past & Sea People Relic Location

Skull And BonesBeing notorious is in the blood of all the Pirates who are playing Skull And Bones currently. However, some quests feel incomplete as they need more data or information to solve or progress them. If you have obtained a contract from the Sea People Merchant that goes like “Relics Of The Past” on Vorona Falls Outpost then you must be looking for the Relic’s whereabouts. Here’s everything you need to know about it!

Relics Of The Past And Sea People Relic Location At Fort Louis In Skull And Bones

Once you have the contract to search for the Sea People Relic, you can easily read the note or Treasure Map which says that it is located in Fort Louis. Most of the players who have started the game and haven’t explored much of the world map might struggle as it will not show.

First, you will discover Tenina Coast in the Southern part of the map. Sail towards the South and as per the Treasure map, as we already know Fort Louis is in Tenina Coast. There will be an undiscovered Outost i.e. Fort Louis where you will find the Sea People Relic.

Explore the Outpost and area with your foot. Not far from where you have docked the ship, you will find the sign/X marks the spot that resembles the Treasure map. Once you approach the location i.e. on the left side, an orange beam or ray of light will be seen i.e. emitted on the spot. Dig the ground to retrieve the item.

The next and final set of tasks would be to deliver the Sea People Relic to Palisade Bay which is situated in The Giant’s Leap. Simply make your way towards Palisade Bay and Interact with the settlement to select the option to submit the “Relics Of The Past“. This will complete the contract and you can proceed to continue your journey from where you left off.

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