Skull And Bones – How To Use Treasure Map And Find Treasures

Skull And BonesSkull And Bones is an action-adventure game developed and published by Ubisoft which will be released in February 2024. From the Golden Age of Pirate era, every single pirates are the protagonist and all has a single goal in mind; to get rich and become the infamous Pirate Captain.

As a Pirate, the tales of treasures and treasure map excite their chilly weary bones. It might not be an easy task to decode the treasure map for all the new captains who are ready to take and rule the area. We have explained how can you amass and get Treasure Maps whereas decode every single one of them efficiently to fill your pocket.

How To Use Treasure Map And Find Treasures In Skull And Bones?

First and foremost, how can we get Treasure Maps? Well, there are multiple ways to get Treasure Maps which we have experienced in the open beta. The simplest and straightforward way is to get Treasure Maps from completing the side quests and main mission contracts.

Treasure maps can be obtained by looting the enemies sunken ships. You can use Spyglass to check whether they have treasure maps on them before you engage against them. There has been instance where you can get Treasure Map as a bonus drop even if you have verified it that there is no Treasure map with your Spyglass. Guess, they are sneaky one!

Finally, the Legendary Treasure maps which can only be obtained or earned as a reward for completing the PvP and PvE events.

How To Use Treasure Maps?

Treasure Map will be listed on your Cargo Inventory, that can be read. The map will contain a riddle/note indicating the directions, an island with X marks the spot, and a sign from the surrounding where the Treasure Chest is buried.

First, open your map and zoom in to search for the area that are shown in your Treasure map. Next, dock at the Outpost and explore the island for the said treasure. Reach the marked area as per the map and look out for the sign. If you wander close to the buried Treasure Chest, the bright orange color light will be emitted on the spot. Approach and Dig Up the Treasure Chest to complete the task.

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