Skull & Bones Padewakang & Shellac, Crude Saltpeter Location

In Skull & Bones, Shellac and Crude Saltpeter are the two most important resources required to craft the final ship available in the open beta called Padewakang. This ship is a medium-sized ship with high damage per second specialization. Crude Saltpeter and Shellac are two resources that belong to the “Dominion of Rempah”. You will find this settlement on the northeast side of the map. Below you will find a map to find all the resources required to craft the Padewakang.

Skull & Bones How To Get Shellac & Crude Saltpeter

Once you reach the settlement area, you can use silvers to purchase these resources from the settlement or raid a trading ship having the resources required to craft Padewakang. If you are planning to craft this ship as soon as you reach Brigand rank, you will have to face tougher enemies who will be much higher level than you.

Once you can visit the sea near the settlement to find the trading route. You will need 4 Shellac to craft the Padewakang but can buy only one stock from the settlement. The stock refreshes every hour, so you need to visit the same settlement multiple times or find four settlements and buy one stock each. Otherwise, if your ship level is 7, you can plunder the settlement to get more Shellac.

If your level is around 6-7 before crafting the Padewakang instead of buying from the settlement you can raid the trading ships that contain these resources. You will find the trading ships near the settlement of “Dominion of Rempah”. Be careful with ships level higher than you, if you spot an enemy ship that is two levels ahead, you need to escape the area.

Crude Saltpeter can be a bit hard to get as there is only one trader that sells this resource. You can find the trade as shown in the map above. In this outpost, you need to find the settlement and find the trader who will be selling one crude saltpeter every hour.

Near this outpost, you will also find a few trading routes of crude saltpeter. If your level is too low to take down the trading ships carrying crude saltpeter, you can start a battle and escape to the high sea to find another settlement ship. You can then try to escape, and both the settlement with ships will start fighting, and you can collect the spoils of war.

How To Craft Padewakang

To craft Padewakang, you will first need to reach Brigand rank by completing various quests and exploring new areas. Once you reach this rank, you can buy the blueprint by visiting the “Telok Penjarah” pirate den. Here you can interact with the shipwright to buy the blueprint. After acquiring the blueprint, you will need to obtain the resources which are:

  • Ironwood Plank
  • Steel Ingot
  • Fine Ramie
  • Shellac
  • Crude Saltpeter
  • SilverĀ 

Ironwood plank can be found on the south island of Telok Penjara near Kencur Lumberyard. Otherwise, you can also obtain these from the settlement nearby. Steel Ingot can be found in the Lada Settlement of Dutch Merchant Company or Lada Foundry. Fine Ramie can also be found in Lada and nearby settlements. All the resources have been marked in the image above.

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