Enshrouded – How And Where To Get Goo?

EnshroudedIn Enshrouded, Flame Altar plays a pretty crucial role in base building whereas gain buffs to last long in Shroud. To strengthen the Flame and reach Level 4, you are required to gather and collect all the Sacrificial offerings that are listed. The very first item on the list would be Goo. So, how can we find Goo or farm Goo soon?

How And Where To Get Goo In Enshrouded?

To farm 15x Goo, you will be required to wake up the Alchemist from slumber and complete his quest to get Mortar. Therefore you cannot learn any blueprint/recipe unless you have satisfied these two conditions. Summon the Alchemist in your base and then you can craft Goo if you have the required resources in your Inventory. Afterwards you will be required to gather Bug Dust, Dirt, and Shroud Liquid to craft Goo.

A Bug Dust can be crafted from a Critter Parts. Critter Parts are dropped from defeating the bugs in the Shroud. Next, Dirt is something that you will have access to since you have crafted a Pickaxe. Simply dig a hole in the ground to get Dirt. Finally, Shroud Liquid is also found in the Shroud. Look for the white colored mushroom in the Shroud and collect it.

To unlock Alchemist, travel and explore the west side of the map; further West from where you found the Blacksmith. It is hard to miss unless you are not following the story and decided to explore the North and East directions first.

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