Enshrouded – How To Start Farming Food And Plants At Base?

EnshroudedThe satisfaction of chilling and building your base in Enshrouded is remarkable if you are into grinding and farming games. The unique RPG element of the game hints possible future of the game for the PvE and PvP aspects. As the game is still in early access and development at the time of writing this post, we are going to explain a few essential tips on farming the plants and foods in your base. Why it is necessary to have one farm atleast? Read it to the end to learn each and every technique that the game offers to improve your farming skills.

How To Start Farming Food And Plants In Your Base At Enshrouded?

Nevertheless, you can start farming when the Farmer has joined your base. Complete her questline and you will eventually unlock Seedbed which will require 10x Wood Logs, 2x Metal Scraps, and 10x Farm Soil to craft one.

Seedbed is used to plant various Seedlings if we have the resources in your possession. Once the Seedlings have grown in the Seedbed, you can pull it out and plant it in your farm or garden in the appropriate soil. After a while it will fully grow, ready to be harvested.

Plan The Layout And Install Essential Structures

The Farm can be installed at any part of your base where you can grow and farm all the essential resources that will be used most frequently. Pick out a huge barren plot, design pathways, and crop bed manually.

Later, you will require a Well to water these crops; so make sure you have multiple Wells in your Farm for quick and easy access to water. Having multiple Seedbeds is not a waste but rather a productive approach to increase your farm efficiency indefinitely.

The essence of having a farm is to rather depend on resources from a particular spot instead of wasting time going through ravaging certain areas. Remember having a steady source of vegetables and plants will allow you to craft foods to give you a great buff.

You Cannot Miss Out These Plants
  1. Shrubs to gather Twigs that will be used to craft Arrows.
  2. Flax to gather Linen that will be used to craft gears and have versatile uses.
  3. Wheat to gather Flour which will be used in cooking high-level meals.
  4. Chamomile to cook a Chamomile Tea which gives health and stamina regen.
  5. Strawberries to cook potion as well food for significant health regen.
  6. Saffron has various uses from brewing consumables to dying fabrics. Similarly, the Indigo plant is used to produce dye and craft high-level gears.
How To Generate Unlimited Any Type Of Soil i.e. Terrain Material

With the help of the Farmer, you can craft different types of Terrain Soils when you have appropriate resources. Once you have crafted or gathered it from the wilderness, you have the potential to mass produce without any need for extra resources.

To produce an unlimited amount of Terrain Material, you are required to craft a Rake. For example- after placing Fertilized Farm Soil in your garden, you can equip a rake and start leveling the ground which will mass produce the type of terrain you have selected to begin with. This means, if you have placed a Fertilized Farm Soil and use your Rake, it will copy the Terrain type and keep on spreading it.

Instead of gathering multiple Fertilized Farm Soils or any other Terrain type, one block is enough to generate a huge plot. Later you can use your Pickaxe to dig and collect the Fertilized Farm Soil that you have already planted in your garden. Repeat the process with other Terrain Materials to glow up your garden and farmland with your creative designs.

Does Different Soils Have Different Growth Rate?

Yes, it has been noticed that if you plant the crops in normal soil versus the Farm soil and Fertilized Soil, the growth speed varies. You can test it out by planting all the crops on different types of soils. Self-experiencing and learning have their own sense of satisfaction.

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