Enshrouded – How To Craft Or Get Alchemical Base

EnshroudedIn Enshrouded, Alchemy is the essence of creating, combining, or transforming the base material into an elixir, vial, or potion that can be used in various situations. Once you have unlocked or recruited the Alchemist, you are allowed to tinker and experience all new craftable options in Supplies. After progressing through the game, you will be required to find and craft an Alchemical Base which is an essential resource for an upgrade. If you are in a hurry then we have a small guide that explains how to get or craft an Alchemical Base.

How To Get Alchemical Base In Enshrouded?

Alchemical Base is required to craft higher-tier consumables or Potion. An alchemical Base is an enhancer that enhances alchemical reactions, it can be crafted at your Alchemy Station. Interact with the Alchemist and complete the questline to get or unlock an Alchemy Station.

Alchemical Base will be unlocked after you have completed certain questlines of Alchemist. Once it’s listed in your Alchemy Station, you will be able to craft an Alchemical Base by collecting these specific resources as listed below:

  • x1 Shroud Liquid
  • x1 Mycelium
  • x1 Water
  • x1 Shroud Spores

Most of these resources are found in all over the map i.e. Shroud Liquid, Mycelium, and Shroud Spores. To get a Shroud Liquid, you will need to get inside the Shroud areas and gather Mushrooms. Similarly, defeat enemies that are found in the Shroud areas to get Shroud Spores.

Water can be collected from the Well. However, to obtain Mycelium, you need to equip a Pickaxe and dig all the plants that glow in the dark. It has a shining blue light as shown in the image. These are commonly found near the Elixir Wells. Go in one of the Elixir Wells and equip the Pickaxe to do your thingy and collect a bunch of Mycelium.

Once you have all the resources to craft an Alchemical Base, you can finally craft the high-level Potions or Greater Potions. Not only for the Potion but Alchemical Base will also be used in other utility upgrades. The most popular upgrade would be an Extraordinary Glider that requires an Alchemical Base.

Now you know how and where to get an Alchemical Base to progress and craft high-level items in-game. For more Enshrouded guides, check below:

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