Enshrouded – How To Build A Treehouse, Tips And Tricks

EnshroudedEnshrouded is a crafting survival game that allows you to craft valuable tools and items if you have the respected resources in your Inventory. Not only that but the base building options that are available is pretty clean and align easily with the existing presets to work around. The potential of building a proper base is too great in this game.

When we speak about building complex infrastructures and giving rise to a new building, there will be a few minor technical difficulties that you will encounter. All the probable bugs and fixes you will need while building a Treehouse are explained in this guide for all future builders.

How To Build A Treehouse In Enshrouded?


If we are looking to build a Treehouse then the obvious choice of location must be somewhere around Revelwood. To build a treehouse, we need to place the Flame Altar at the desired location for you to progress building.

Now, we need to start building stairs from the ground level in order to gain elevation. Once you go top, you will see the boundary or limit of your Flame Altar, therefore make sure you have increased or strengthened it for the maximum area to work in.

How To Work In Height?

Once you reach the maximum height, you should build a platform where you can place the Altar. Next, extinguish the flame of the current Altar, and place a new Altar at the maximum height that will make it a center or new focal point. Then you will be allowed to work at more elevation. That’s how you can increase the height of your building up to “x” number of floors.

Weird Tree Hitbox

While building a staircase or placing a building block, you will find that you cannot place the preset shapes attached to the tree sometimes. To fix it, you can simply place a Single Wall Block at a time. Similar to placing, you will have to remove it piece by piece by going under it. It is undoubtedly a tedious process but there is no way around it.

General Ideas On How To Build

Players who go all-in to build the base have administered beautiful detailings that will awe and amaze almost everyone. Pillars, bars, fireplaces, etc are just the beginning; adding detail to every layer is possible if you place and stack different Single Wall Blocks at the end or outside to distinguish it from the surroundings.

You can build windows with an extension of a single wall block to give a realistic and castle-style outside. To give a distinct visual representation, different styles of blocks can be used. Instead of going simple, you can go all out for an elf-sized house or a settlement on the tree. It’s your creativity and ideas that can be reflected and showcased in Enshrouded.

Check out the cool treehouse build video and tips presented to you above i.e. made by Pseudo Posse.

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