Granblue Fantasy Relink Get KnickKnack Voucher Farming Guide

granblue fantasy relink

In Granblue Fantasy Relink players can level up their character to make them stronger and take on more formidable enemies. Sigil is one type of accessory that gives some traits to your character or increases their basic stats. There are a few ways to obtain sigil in this game and one method is to obtain KnickKnack Vouchers. Below you will find a brief guide on Transmutation, Transmarvel, and how to farm vouchers.

Granblue Fantasy Relink How To Get KnickKnack Voucher Farming Guide

KnickKnack vouchers can be used to redeem sigils from the KnickKnack Shack. The Sigils boost your character stats and make them stronger. In the Transmute sigil menu of KnickKnack Shack, you will find two transmute types: Transmutation and Transmarvel.

The transmutation gives you level 1, 2, or 3 sigil in exchange for 5,10, and 25 vouchers. Each time you use transmutation to obtain a sigil, you will also obtain some star points. These points accumulate and can be used to Transmarvel a sigil to get a level 3 to 5 sigil.

You can also stock the Transmarvel sigil to open them at once. Make sure to save the game before using the Transmarvel option, because if you do not find the sigil you were looking for, you can always reload the last save and try to find the character-specific sigil.

To farm a lot of vouchers you will have to reach the end-game content and unlock the extreme difficulty option in the quest counter. There you will find a quest called “Assault Formation!” where you need to battle enemies on the Main Deck of Aviaeth Battleship.

This is a survival quest where you need to survive for 4 minutes and the advised PWR is 5500. You can co-op with four other players to defeat the maximum number of enemies possible within these four minutes to earn the maximum “Machine Unit” and “High-Grade Scraps” items. These items can be exchanged for vouchers in the KnickKnack Shack.

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