Enshrouded – Will PvP Make This Game Worst Or The Best

EnshroudedEnshrouded has been popular lately due to its genre which allows flexibility and lets players create their versatile character builds. To complement your build or any build, you have possible weapons, armor, or item drops from the chests. NPCs assist you in regular tasks and provide quests whereas you explore the areas and farm resources and materials in the meantime while clearing the quests.

As you can create servers and join other players to play together with friends and chill. The PvP aspect will create turmoil and raise each player’s competitive nature. It has a nice environment and game design to implement PvP-style gameplay at the boss arenas. However, it is not at all simple because to get a PvP; it will require tons of work and balancing. Therefore are we ever getting the PvP feature or it will remain as a PvE game?

Will PvP Make Enshrouded One Of The Worst Game Or The Best Game?

The game focuses on the aspect of farming and grinding resources to craft items in order to improve your base and production. Currently, due to the malicious intent of the players who are sabotaging other games; nobody wants to let any random stranger join their server.

If your server is not password protected, any players can join and without any contribution, there is a possibility that they can steal your chest which will be full of precious items and resources. As the items are not tied up to the server, they can steal and bring the items back to their server. Either there should be a chest or an item that can be applied to the chest in order to enchant and do not let anyone open it who has joined the game server for like 5-6 in-game hours perhaps.

Other than stealing, there have been instances where other players have joined the server and destroyed the host’s base by detonating the explosives. There are whole other levels of grief going around which might take a while to fix. It is recommended to introduce a Protective Ward so that the base will not be harmed by these raiders. Additionally, these players should get a badge or honor of misconduct or something that should be displayed to everyone for a certain in-game time duration. If they want war, they will get war.

Remember as the game is still in development and Early Access; it should be fixed but the main question is whether we will get PvP or it will remain PvE. The problem with introducing PvP in PvE games is that it requires lots of staff as they might have to focus on PvE and PvP separately. If not then not only the workload will be increased but also the intended game which is co-op PvE will suffer from no new content. So improving solo and co-op PvE experience should be the goal for now.

The PvP might or should be introduced when all the planned PvE contents are released or have a separate dedicated server for only PvP where players can join and search as a team to fight against other teams. The leaderboard system will be much appreciated and harming players outside the arena will incur heavy penalties on the individual and party stats.

As we can see, it has the potential to be one of the best co-op RPG crafting games if it goes PvP due to different playstyle, but focusing on PvE requires more priority at the moment. Let’s all see what’s in store in the future. Until then check other guides of Enshrouded which we have listed below:

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