Persona 3 Reload – Sleeping In Class Has Any Benefit?

Persona 3 ReloadIn Persona 3 Reload, even the main protagonist can’t escape the vicious cycle of getting tired/sleepy in the classroom after hearing the long lecture of a teacher. The energy and focus sometimes hit rock bottom and you will get prompt to sleep in the class. Should you give in and sleep through the class? What are the repercussions or benefits of sleeping in the class?

Sleeping In Class, What Choice To Make In Persona 3 Reload?

Sleeping in the class choice/option will give you the choice to either increase the Courage/Academics Social Stats. As we already know there are a total of 3 Social Stats i.e. Charm, Courage, and Academics. After reaching a specific level of the Social stat, you will unlock buffs and certain features in the game.

If you sleep in the class, it will increase the Courage stat whereas not sleeping and going through the class till the end will increase the Academics stat. You will have the choice to either increase Courage or Academics through this choice which does not have any harsh penalty or extra benefit. It’s all the user/player’s personal opinion on what Social status they want to gain or lack at the given time.

At Courage Level 2, you will be able to access Club Escapade in the Paulownia Mall whereas Level 3 Courage will let you order a Special Hagakure Bowl from Hagakure Ramen that increases your Charm significantly. At Level 3 Charm, you can increase your Academic stat to a notch by ordering a Seafood Full Course at Wakatsu Kitchen.

Each social stat has its benefit, so it all comes down to which stat you are lacking and need to focus on currently. Charm will be the go-to option for everyone. Next, players tend to tilt toward Academic stats more than the Courage stat. During your playthrough, build your own Persona and if you are struggling with quizzes and exams thrown at you then we have compiled a separate guide that focuses on all the Q&A.

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