Persona 3 Reload – Difference Between Merciless & Hard Difficulty

Persona 3 ReloadAfter purchasing a copy of Persona 3 Reload, as a fellow gamer we are accustomed to the classic difficulty level i.e. Easy, Normal, and Hard. However, there are two additional difficulty levels i.e. Peaceful and Merciless that have raised many brows on how easy or hard it can get. What are the general differences between selecting the Hard and Merciless difficulty? Read it to the end to learn how Merciless can the game get.

Difference Between Merciless And Hard Difficulty At Persona 3 Reload

The game describes each difficulty in general as mentioned below:

  • Peaceful: For players who want to focus on the story.
  • Easy: For casual players.
  • Normal: For experienced players.
  • Hard: For players who enjoy strategizing.
  • Merciless: For highly advanced players.

As the Achievements can be unlocked on any difficulty level, you can play or experience any type of gameplay without any worries. Though there is a significant change in Hard and Merciless as we can experience in Peaceful and Easy. Generally speaking, if you select Merciless then the bosses are playing at Peaceful difficulty. Hard is still playable but if you are new to this genre it is recommended to attempt Merciless after you have

At Normal difficulty, all the incoming and outgoing damage according to stat is 1x. However, as you select Hard difficulty, the incoming and outgoing damage will fluctuate to 1.3x and 0.8x respectively. Finally, at Merciless you can’t expect any leeway. Therefore, the incoming damage at Merciless would be 1.7x i.e. too high, and outgoing damage is 0.6x. The metric is too unbalanced but conquering it has a different sense of accomplishment.

The game allows you to change your difficulty level at any time but once you have started the game in Merciless and changed the difficulty level; you can’t play or revert to Merciless. Next, if you are defeated and the game is over, all your progress will be lost and you cannot start from the Tartarus entrance. Better to reload the save and grind again with a different approach.

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