Granblue Fantasy Relink Chapter 1 All Collectibles Location

In Granblue Fantasy Relink, after saving the ship from the Proto Bahamut dragon, the main protagonist falls from the ship into the Sundappled Grove while trying to save Lyria. Upon waking up in the forest Lyria couldn’t be found nearby and the first quest you will obtain is to search for her. Below you will find a brief walkthrough of all the collectible’s locations.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Chapter 1 All Chest, Wee Pincer & Archive Location

  • From the starting point of Chapter 1, after waking up from the dream on the left side you will find a pathway leading you to the first chest location.
  • After finding the first chest, go back to the starting location and on the right side above the cliff you will find the first Wee Pincers.
  • At the starting point, you will find a big tree with a hole in its trunk. Go through the hole to progress the quest to find Lyria. After passing through the hole in the middle of the big tree, you will come across another big tree in the middle with a spiral sign engraved on it. Behind this big tree, you will find a chest.
  • From the above chest point, you need to find a pathway on the right side leading you to another chest on the cliff.
  • Now keep following the quest marker by cutting down vines and you will find Lyria surrounded by Timber Wolves. Defeat the wolves and keep processing above to find a purple collectible icon on the left side of the ground.
  • After collecting the archive, progress further 10 steps to find another chest on the left side.
  • There you will have to fight against a few more Timber Wolves and Hornbirds. After defeating them on the right you will find a big boulder with vines that you need to cut down to progress further. Before cutting the vines, on the left side of the boulder, you will find a secret passage that will lead you to a chest.
  • Now cut down the vines to drop the boulder to make a passage to find a way out of the forest. After cutting the vines, you will find two pathways one leading you forward, another is a U-turn to the left side. Take the U-turn towards the left side to find the final treasure of this area.

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