Genshin Impact How To Get Fish Seized From A Pelican’s Mouth

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, while exploring the Qiaoying Village, you will come across a cat called Sir Pouncealot. Interacting with the cat will not be fruitful and in response, you will only get a “Meow…”. Near the cat, you will find a feeding bowl and upon interacting with the feeding bow, you will get a pop-up menu to use a food item.

The food item has a peculiar name which is “Fish Seized From A Pelican Mouth”. As the name suggests, you need to find a fish item from a pelican’s mouth and give it to Sir Pouncealot. Below you will find a brief guide on the location where to find the Pelican and how to get the fish.

Genshin Impact How To Get Fish Seized From A Pelican’s Mouth

The description of the food items says “A fish managed to retrieve from the mouth of a pelican at Qiaoying Village Docks. It seems to be an item that other creatures treasure greatly, so you might be able to make amends for a certain loss from a certain time by returning this to the daily feeding vessel of a certain animal”.

If you have already got this item and looking for a certain animal to feed, you can visit the Qiaoying village to find a cat called Sir Pouncealot. The location of the Pelican that has a fish in its mouth can be found at the location marked in the image above.

At this location, you will find multiple Pelican but only one of them has a fish in its mouth. You need to interact with the Pelican that is standing on the docks with the name “Bandit”. After interacting with the Pelican you will obtain the item called “Fish Seized From A Pelican Mouth”.

Return to Sir Pouncealot and keep the food item in its bowl. Now follow the cat and dig the ground where it stops to find an Exquisite treasure chest.

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