Genshin Impact Scrolls and Sword Manuals of Guhua

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact recently got a new update for patch 4.4 and with this new update, there is a lot of new content, quests, characters, weapons, and much more. One of the worlds quests you will encounter in the new update is “Scrolls and Sword Manuals” where you need to solve a puzzle in Arcane Archive. Below you will find a brief guide on how to solve the puzzle and find the secret stashed in the archive.

Genshin Impact Scrolls and Sword Manuals of Guhua Find The Secret Stashed

The Scrolls and Sword Manuals is a world quest where you must explore archives and discover the secrets. First, you must visit the secret Arcane archive and enter by opening the locked gate. Once inside you can find the archive half submerged in the water. You need to search the archive to find hidden Guhua Notes. One of the most important lines from the notes is “…Look with the eyes, and combine scrolls of knowledge from all places with chambers of all corners, then…”.

You will find the notes behind the spider web that can be found in the Arcane Archives. You need to destroy the spider webs using any Pyro ability. Inside you will find the Guhua Notes. After finding the notes you need to go to the middle of the room to the ancient device that will help you lower the water level.

To lower the water level and solve the puzzle, you need to use the elemental sight ability and look at the bookshelves. Each bookshelves has a particular color and in the middle, you can find a scroll with different colors. You need to arrange the bookshelves with their respective scroll color to solve the puzzle and lower the water level.

There is a total of 5 bookshelves in the Arcane Archive and the locations are two on the front, two on the right, and one on the left side. After arranging all the scrolls in their respective places the ancient mechanism will be activated which will lower the water level.

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