Enshrouded – Rake Recipe Fix And All The Uses/Benefits Of It

EnshroudedIn Enshrouded, the flexibility to change the terrain with the help of tools such as Bombs and Pickaxes makes any location or point reachable. You can dig out any part of the terrain which includes mountains and create a small passage/tunnel for yourself. Rake can also smooth out the process and it is one of the essential tools that can flatten or create a slope at any adjusted height.

Apart from flattening, there are various other uses of Rake which we have explained in this guide but the majority of the players are experiencing an unfortunate bug where the Rake recipe is not available for some reason. There are various solutions to get Rake until the patch is released to permanently fix and show Rake as a craftable recipe under your Workbench.

How To Get And Fix Rake Recipe In Enshrouded?

Initially, you will have to recruit the Blacksmith which is a part of the main quest. After that, most of the smithing tasks will be simplified. Rake should be unlocked from early on and if you have not crafted it from the beginning it will vanish after hitting Level 5 or so. There are multiple fixes which are listed below:

First Fix
  1. Create a new character.
  2. Join your existing world.
  3. You might be able to craft the rake.

If not,

  1. Remove the forge and charcoal oven, reload the game and log in successfully again.
  2. Check the workbench to see that the rake recipe has appeared once again.
Second Fix

Place the Blacksmith near the Workbench with the help of Summoning Staff. This will sometimes make the Rake recipe re-appear.

Third Fix

Join any random public server or dedicated server and craft the rake in the said server.

Fourth Fix

You can either ask your friend or any stranger to craft a Rake for you. Other than that let others or your friend join your server. Once they unlock the rake, the recipe will be unlocked for you also.

Fifth Fix
  1. Remove the Workbench and restart the game.
  2. Log in successfully to enter your world.
  3. Craft a new Workbench.

All Benefits Of Having Rake From Early On

As already mentioned, Rake is used to flatten the uneven surface to create an even farming land. Adjust the height and hold the Left click to flatten any surface at the same height furthermore, you can create a slope by continuously flattening any surface at the same angle.

Another major use of Rake is to duplicate the type of soil or dirt block you place. For example- if you place a block of Farm Soil, you can use Rake to spread or duplicate a single block of Farm Soil to a large plot. It can be applied on Dirt Road blocks or any Terrain blocks. If you are in shortage of these soils, you can farm these blocks from only one block of soil to an insane number of blocks.

All these functions make Rake one of the OP items as you can always replenish the durability, change the terrain, and get suitable buffs. For more informative guides on Enshrouded, you can check the list below the description:

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