Enshrouded- Best Farming Location For Legendary Weapons/Items

EnshroudedIn Enshrouded, you can create your character to have any role and complement certain builds if you have high-tier items and weapons in your possession i.e. Legendary. There is no guaranteed way but there is a certain approach you can take to farm Legendary items from early game to get strong quickly and prepare yourself to venture out on higher tier areas. In this Enshrouded guide, we have marked all the starting-to-end game farming locations to get Legendary items efficiently.

Best Farming Location For Legendary Weapons/Items In Enshrouded?

Some chests can be located quite close to the existing Fast Travel location or base whereas few are located far away. The solution for farming far away locations is to place Flame Altar and create a custom Fast Travel waypoint. Knowing which Chest to farm repeatedly and with efficiency will get you Legendary items in no time.

Types Of Chest

There are a total of 4 types of Chests in Enshrouded which you will come across while exploring the map.

  • First the basic chest i.e. the Wooden Chest. Wooden Chest mostly contains consumables and scrolls.
  • The second type of chest is the Iron Chest which is an intermediate chest type that has weapons/Armor from ranging Common to Legendary rarity. Epic and Legendary chance is low.
  • The third type of chest would be the Gold Chest which contains weapons/armor that also ranges from Common to Legendary.
  • Finally, the highest tier chest i.e. Ornate Chest or decorated golden chest also ranges from Common to Legendary rarity.

The type of chest is arranged according to the drop rate of higher-tier items i.e. Legendary. Therefore all the high-level areas or lategame areas contain Gold Chest or Ornate Chest for endgame weapons.

Early Game Legendary Loot Location

Best Farming LocationFrom the first Home base, you can access the Silver Chest i.e. located inside a castle i.e. built on top of a hill. The castle is surrounded by the shroud, therefore you can craft the glider and glide down on top of the castle. Look out for the grappling hook point and drop down from the roof to see a crack in the castle wall which will lead you to the Silver Chest if you refer to number 1.

If you refer to number 2, you will reach a location where there is a building and 2 enemies i.e. Wolf and Crossbow guy. Defeat both of them and use the explosive ball to blow up the explosive barrel placed on the ground to dig and reveal the silver chest. Notice that the soil color is unique to the surroundings.

If you refer to number 3, you will enter the Scavenger Camp with Mineshaft.

If you refer to number 4, the Silver Chest will be located on the top floor or attic of the house.

Mid-Game to Late-Game Legendary Loot Location


Map Credit- mapgenie.io

Teleport to Ancient Spire – Kindlewastes Fast Travel waypoint. From the highest point use your Glider to glide to the South-West part from there as marked 1 in the image. In the Shrouded region close to the Shroud Root, you will find an Ornate Chest near the campfire which can be accessed easily. Place an Altar at one of the highest peaks to fast-travel close to the foggy area.

Note: Recommended to upgrade your Glider to consume less Stamina and travel more distance.

Teleport to Ancient Spire – Kindlewastes Fast Travel waypoint. Next from the peak glide towards the North-East direction to the Sun Temple as marked 2 in the image. Open the door of the Sun Temple and either from left or right walk toward the door and enter the room to find an Ornate Chest. It is also a quick farming area if you clear the enemies inside and place the Altar to Fast Travel before the door in the Sun Temple.

Teleport to Ancient Spire – Kindlewastes Fast Travel waypoint. From the highest peak jump and glide towards the Southern part of the Embervale. At marked location 3 and at the topmost layer of mist or shroud, you can notice a white rocky platform close to the mountain. Explore the area and you will find a Golden Chest nearby. You can place your Altar and farm the guaranteed Legendary item which can be Salvaged for Rune.

Teleport to Ancient Spire – Kindlewastes Fast Travel waypoint. From the tower jump and glide towards the South-West referring to the compass. At the marked location 4, you will find a cave that holds a Golden Chest near the Deepcut. At the Deepcut there are two more Silver Chests which you can opt to open and farm the Legendary items.

Map Credit- mapgenie.io

Teleport to Ancient Spire – Kindlewastes and make your journey to the Scatterbone as shown in the map above. If you enter the Sun Temple, i.e. hit the three square spots to unlock the door. After entering the Sun Temple, you can notice a tombstone or grave which can be opened to get the highest level items or Legendary items with max level.

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