Enshrouded How To Get Linen & Hand Spindle Location


In Enshrouded, Linen is a crafting material that requires a structure called a Hand Spindle to craft. The resource required to craft Linen is Flax. You will need 2x Flax to craft a single Linen from the Hand Spindle. Linen can be used in crafting various equipment, armor, and weapons. Below you will find a brief guide on how to find the Hand Spindle and resources required to craft Linen.

Enshrouded How To Get Linen & Hand Spindle Location

Before you can craft Linen, you need to find the Hand Spindle and place it in your base. The Hand Spindle can be obtained from one of the quests Hunter called “The Hunter’s Hand Spindle”. First, you need to unlock the Hunter by visiting the Hunter Ancient Vault. After unlocking the hunter use the summoning staff to place them in your base.

Then you can follow the hunter quests till you get the “The Hunter Hand Spindle”. In this quest, you need to first explore Westcott to find Martha Diary Entry 1. After that, you will have to retrace Athlan Skree’s steps and visit the location marked on the map to find an Abandoned Hunter Camp. Inside the camp, you will find a Hunter note that will lead you to a cave.

Inside the cave, you will find poisonous spiders that you need to defeat and find the Hand Spindle by exploring the cave. After finding the Hand Spindle you need to place it in your base and you will be ready to craft some Linen.

Now the only thing required to obtain is the resource to craft Linen which will be Flax. This resource can be found in various areas in the wild. You need to look for the blue color flower plant in the wild to obtain Flax. Some of the best areas you can find Flax are near the Farmer Vault and the Revelwood Ancient Spire

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