Enshrouded – How And Where To Get Wax And Honey From?

EnshroudedIn Enshrouded, when you start the adventure from Springlands after waking up from the Cinder Vault; you are forced to build the base near the Vault which is part of the main quest. This is a tactical and quiet area that is close to all the basic types of ingredients and resources which ensures you obtain all the basic survival kits.

At Springlands, there are low-level shrouded areas that cultivate low-level enemies, animals, and raiders. The recipes are unlocked once you have collected the base ingredients, therefore it is recommended to search and collect all the resources that are found effortlessly. Wax and Honey is one of the easiest and early game resources you can get at Springlands.

How To Get Wax And Honey In Enshrouded?

Wax and Honey are important resources that will be used to improve your Comfort and Health points respectively. Both of these are obtained from the Honey Beehive at Springlands. If you look at the tree branches, there would be a bunch of Honey Beehives as shown in the image which are easy to miss if we focus on the ground or tunnel vision. Often there are swarms of bees near their nest so if you are attacked during your exploration, you can look out for Honey Beehives nearby.

EnshroudedInitially, you will be able to craft a Candle, and Wax Torch with the help of the Wax whereas Honey will be used in Alchemy to produce Revitalizing Health Potion and Greater Health Potion. Popcorn and Fruit Bowl can be crafted/cooked later once you have respective Craftspeople such as Farmer in your base.

Later on, you can grow Honey Beehives on your base and harvest them without any need to search for them. For more informative guides on Enshrouded, you can check the list below the description:

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