Tekken 8 How To Get The Secret Ending & Despair Trophy

Tekken 8

In Tekken 8 chapter 15 you will see two new forms of Jin and Kazuya which are the Angel Jin and True Devil Kazuya. Jin finally accepts the devil gene inside and with the Kazama blood, he turns into the Angel Jin. You can get both the endings after the fight with Angel Jin and True Devil Kazuya. Below you will find a brief guide on how to get the despair ending and trophy.

Tekken 8 How To Get The Secret Ending & Despair Trophy

To unlock the Despair trophy in this game, you need to get the alternate secret ending in the final chapter 15. To get the alternate ending, you need to lose from Kazuya. But it’s not that simple, you need to keep on fighting till the last until Kazuya turns red and activates the rage mode. Losing to Kazuya before it reaches the rage mode will result in the game being over and you need to restart again.

In chapter 15 you will have multiple fights with Kazuya. After the Angel Jin and True Devil Kazuya fight you will battle with normal Jin and Kazuya. During this fight, after getting the prompt to get up there will be multiple QTE where Jin and Kazuya trade blows. If you win these QTE and defeat Kazuya you will get the normal ending. But if you lose these QTEs and lose the battle against Kazuya during rage mode you will get the alternate secret ending.

Note: Spoilers below about both the endings.

In the good ending, after the fight, you will find Jin standing near the cliff telling himself that the devil’s power is gone from the world. Later you will find a cutscene with Jin and Xiaoyu on a highway with their bikes.

The final cutscene will be of the fallen Kazuya on the ground and Jun Kazama’s feet near him. After the credits, there will be another cutscene where you will find Reina activating the devil gene. In the alternate Kazuya throws Jin off the cliff and then sits in his office planning on world domination without the devil’s powers.

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