Enshrouded – Loom For The Hunter Quest Guide And Walkthrough

EnshroudedEnshrouded is a co-op survival crafting role-playing game that supports up to 16 players in a server. The enduring Flame calls in the realm of Embervale which is consumed by the Shroud. After waking up from slumber, discovering loot, and defeating foes on the way; you will have to make your way and travel through the Shroud or misty areas.

There are multiple Journals and notes you will come across on your journey. These notes will reveal the lores, point you to hidden areas, and even give you a quest. If you are wondering how to complete the quest Loom For The Hunter and learn where East Lapis is located then read this guide to the end.

Loom For The Hunter Quest Guide For Enshrouded

Talk to the Hunter or Athalan Skree i.e. another NPC or Craftspeople which you can Summon in your base. The main questline “Loom For The Hunter” has the objective of finding the Weaver’s Cottage in East Lapis. So, make your way all to the edge of the map towards the East as shown in the map below. You can begin your journey from Ancient Spire – Kindlewastes Fast Travel.

After discovering the New Location i.e. East Lapis, and defeating all the enemies;  you will be able to search for the Weaver’s Cottage without any worry.


Map Credit: mapgenie.io

Note: The amount of high-level enemies located in East Lapis is huge, so make sure you eliminate them individually.

The Weaver’s Cottage is located after you cross the broken bridge. The building will be well-designed and not run-down, like other buildings in East Lapis. The area is swarming with enemies, so make sure you advance with caution.

Enter the Weaver’s Cottage or mansion through the roof or ground floor. There will be a door which will lead you inside the mansion. Search for the hole on the ground floor to locate the Loom in the basement. Collect the Loom and finally place it in your Base to complete the questline.

Loom will be required to craft Dried Fur and most importantly upgrade your Backpack. The Loom can be obtained whether the quest is active or inactive. So if you have wandered inside the Weaver’s Cottage unintentionally and collected the Loom, then you can already install it in your Base. If you are interested in more guides on Enshrouded then check the links below:

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