Enshrouded – How And Where To Get Shroud Wood For The Glider

EnshroudedEnshrouded is a role-playing co-op survival crafting game where mysterious and strong creatures live in the mist. Traveling through the Shroud, you are entitled to explore and complete various objectives that you will come across in your journey. The resources are scattered and need to be harvested or collected to discover new crafting recipes. Speaking of recipes, you will be required to craft a Glider which is essential for your Survival and exploration. However, to craft it; you are required to find Shroud Woods. Where can you farm or get Shroud Woods?

How And Where To Get Shroud Wood For The Glider In Enshrouded?

Shroud Wood is a unique resource that is found in specific areas. As the name suggests, you will need to enter the mist/shroud and start chopping the trees in the Shrouded areas to collect the Shroud Wood. Not only you are harvesting resources normally in the open world clean environment, but also in the shrouded or foggy regions.

Shroud Wood will initially unlock the recipe for Spiritual Cane at Alchemist, and Shroud Wood Block at Workbench. However, there are many more resources that you need to search for and collect in the Shroud for further development. Particularly, for this guide we have focused on Shroud Wood which will be required to craft a Glider i.e. an essential survival tool/equipment.

To craft a Glider, you are required to install a Workbench, and have these resources in your inventory:

  • 8x Shroud Wood
  • 2x Animal Fur
  • 2x String
  • 2x Shroud Spores

Animal Fur can be obtained after defeating the enemies. Early on if you visit Rookmore, the enemies drop Animal Fur and can be looted from the racks. There is also a moderate chance of getting Animal Fur from the Wolves.

Similarly, String will be crafted from Plant Fiber and Shroud Spores are obtained after defeating the Shrouded enemies. A glider is an essential survival item that you will be tasked to make after you wake up the Blacksmith and talk to him. If you are interested in more guides on Enshrouded then check the links below:

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