Enshrouded – How And Where To Get Scavenger Matron Head

EnshroudedIn Enshrouded, we have to build our base from scratch therefore we need to collect resources from the surrounding and keep on upgrading it. However, only building will be simple; you will have to ensure that the Craftspeople or the NPC who will need to be gathered will require a roof over their head. The game is also RPG-based therefore, you can acquire various types of skill sets and go for unique builds by assigning points and unlocking the Skills from the Skill Tree.

The unique aspect of the game is that you are required to defeat certain bosses and acquire their Heads to upgrade your Flame Altar. Therefore, if you have upgraded the Flame Altar once i.e. Level 2, and going for Level 3, you will require a Scavenger Matron Head. Here’s where you can find his lair!

How And Where To Get Scavenger Matron Head In Enshrouded?

Mostly all the resources are located in the Springlands to upgrade the Flame Altar to Level 3 i.e.

  • 10x Wax
  • 10x Salt
  • 5x Spark
  • 10x Shroud Wood
  • 10x Flintstone
  • 10x Charcoal
  • 1 Scavenger Matron Head

Scavenger Matron Head can be obtained after defeating the Scavenger Gorger Matron in the Hills of Scavengers as shown in the image below. It is located to the North of where you recruited the Blacksmith. You will require a Grappling Hook to explore the Northern part of the area and a Glider is a must. Therefore, all the essential Survival kits need to be crafted.

EnshroudedIt is recommended to move the Altar close to the location so that you can get the Resting Buff from the house as you Fast Travel which makes fighting much easier. For more informative guides on Enshrouded, you can check the list below the description:

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