Enshrouded – How And Where To Farm Metal Scraps Easily?

EnshroudedMetal Scraps are one of the most important resources that you need to dabble on from the Early to Late game in Enshrouded. Metal Scraps will be used to craft from Lockpicking tools and nails to various types of weapons and armor sets. For various purposes, you might need to know how and where these Metal Scraps are dropped or obtained. Therefore, we have compiled this early in-depth guide that points out from where you can collect the Metal Scraps.

How And Where To Farm Metal Scraps In Enshrouded?

If we have started the game, then it is necessary to know that all the breakable objects drop some type of resource. Whether it can be Fiber, Wood, Water, etc. Metal Scraps are uncommon and the drop rates are quite low unless you know where you are looking for. However, there is a location i.e. “Rookmore” which is close to your starting point or the first base location where you can get Metal Scraps in bulk.

After entering the Rookmore one way or another from the Shrouded region or blowing the breakable wall, you will encounter a bunch of enemies wielding dual-handed scythe and a crossbow in the camp. After defeating them and showing who is their boss, Loot their bodies where you can get Metal Scraps. Therefore, these enemies are a rich source of farming Metal Scraps.

There are various interactable objects, chests, vases, carriages, lanterns, beds, chains, cage,s and barrels in the world that have a chance of giving Metal Scraps. What’s more if you have completed the mission of waking up your first NPC Blacksmith i.e. “Find The Sleeping Survivor“, the sleeping pods which was found in the area can be broken down which gives Metal Scraps.

So, look for all these objects, and during your expedition and adventure, you are always bringing a bunch of Metal Scraps along with you. If you are up for more informative guides on Enshrouded, click on the links that have been mentioned below the description:

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