Ability Wars Roblox How To Get Brickbattler badge & Ability

ability wars

Ability Wars in Roblox is similar to Slap Battles where you need to use ability on the opponent to gain punches. By collecting punches you can unlock various new badges and abilities. The Brickbattler is the latest badge and ability added to the game and you can find this badge on the right-side pedestal in the middle of the room.

There is no punch requirement and to unlock this badge you need to find a pizza slice and equip a certain ability to defend against 6 waves of enemies. Below you will find a brief guide on how to unlock the brickbattler badge and ability.

Ability Wars Roblox How To Get Brickbattler badge & Ability

To unlock the badge, you need to reach 15000 punches to unlock the time ability. Once this requirement is completed, you need to equip the time ability. The time ability is located on the right side of the mastery cat. Once the ability is equipped, go the arena and find the entrance of the cave. The map will be quite small, so you can find the cave entrace easily as shown in the image above.

Inside the cave you will find a table with lot of chairs. You need to stand on the table to obtain the pizza and with the pizza slice in your hand you need to use the “Q” ability. This will teleport you to another map where you need to defend against 6 waves of the enemies. The enemies will keep getting stronger as the wave level increases.

To wave 5 and wave 6 enemies will be most difficult to deal with. To defeat the wave 5 and 6 enemies easily you need to use the bomb ability and jump on top of it to make a super jump. Using the super jump you need to climb the area that is unreachable by the enemies. Now from this area you can use your brick launcher bazooka to defeat all the enemies.

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