Palworld Tombat Location & Partner Skill


In Palworld you will find various types of Pals roaming around the islands of Palpagos. You can capture and tame these pals who in return will work in your base to build structure and gather resources. Each pal has partner skills that can be activated from the technology menu once you reach a certain level. One of the pals you can capture in an early game that has a great partner skill is called Tombat. Below you will find a brief guide on where to find this pal and capture it.

Palworld Tombat Location & Partner Skill

Tombat looks like a mixture of a bat and a cat that often can be found during the nighttime. These creatures appear out of the blue and show their majestic wings in front of other pals and can be found on multiple islands. Check out the image above to find all the locations where you can find Tombat during the night.

During the nighttime, the temperature drops so you need to craft the Tundra Outfit that can be unlocked at level 9 from the technology menu. At the first island where you will spawn at the beginning of the game, you can find Tombat with levels 9-10 that can easily be captured with a pal sphere once their HP is low.

The Tombat are dark elemental pals, so you can use dragon-type pals to easily counter them but finding one dragon-type early game can be difficult. You can use any elemental pals to reduce their HP. If your character level is higher than the pal, then you can use the baseball bat or bow and arrow to reduce the pal Health.

The Tombat partner skill is the Ultrasonic Sensor which when activated will send out ultrasonic waves to detect the location of nearby pals. This skill can be used to find new pals and fill out your Paldeck quickly. To use the partner skill, you need to first unlock them from the technology menu and then craft the item using Pal Gear Workbench.

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