Palworld Kitsune Location & How To Catch It


There are more than 100 pals you can find and capture in Palworld. These pals will help you to gather resources and build your base. Every pal has some different work suitability and partner skills. One of the strong ground pals you can find in the snowy region is Kitsune. These pal’s partner skills allow you to explore the map without getting affected by the temperature around you. Below you will find a brief guide on where to find Kitsune and how to catch it.

Palworld Kitsune Location & How To Catch It

Kitsune is a fire elemental pal boasting a level 2 Kindeling work suitability, ideal for assisting in burning furnaces and cooking food at your base. Despite their association with fire, these pals can surprisingly be found in the snowy regions of the map, as indicated in the image above. The possible drop from these are leather and fire organs that can be used to craft various heat resistance suits.

Marked in the image is the location where Kitsune, with a level of 25 or higher, can be encountered. Hence, you must be at an appropriate level and equipped with a mega or giga pal sphere to capture them easily. These pals exclusively emerge during the night, and due to the snowy setting, temperatures can plummet.

Surviving in the nighttime snowy region necessitates crafting Cold Resistance Pelt Armor or Cold Resistance Metal Armor. Additionally, a handheld torch proves invaluable for visibility during the night and helps raise the character’s temperature. Crafting cold resistance pet armor requires leather and ice organs, unlocked at level 18. Crafting cold resistance metal armor demands ingots, leather, cloth, and ice organs, unlocked at level 27.

As Kitsune is a fire-type pal, employing water elemental pals can diminish its HP to below 20%, facilitating its capture with your pal sphere. Kitsune’s partner skill proves advantageous, negating the need for temperature resistance armor. While riding Kitsune, your character remains unaffected by temperature extremes. However, players must unlock the saddle from the technology menu to ride Kitsune.

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