Pet Simulator 99 Complete Scavenger Hunt & Get Mystery Ticket


Pet Simulator 99

In Pet Simulator 99 latest update of this game, a secret scavenger hunt puzzle has been added by the developer, and upon solving this puzzle, the players can find the mystery ticket. The use of mystery tickets is still unknown and has no value in diamonds. But this might change in future updates. Below is a brief guide on how to solve the scavenger hunt puzzle and get the mystery ticket.

Pet Simulator 99 How To Complete Scavenger Hunt, Get Mystery Ticket & Snowman Puzzle Solution

To start the scavenger hunt you need to stand in front of the purple door on the right side of the spawn area and type “Knock Knock” on the world chat. After that, you will be able to interact with the door that will be opened by an NPC for a brief time. On the chat, you can find a message from the developer that has the code “5324”. You can also skip the first step as we have already mentioned the code that you will get from knocking which is “5324”.

Next, you need to visit the area 72 Runic Altar. There you will find many runes with some symbols engraved on them. You can find the number 5324 engraved on the runes and you need to click on them in similar order. Check out the images above to find the exact location of the numbers. After clicking on all 4 numbers a secret passage will be unlocked.

The secret room is located inside the pyramid obby. But the secret room door will be locked and can be opened by solving another puzzle. To open the secret room door, you need to solve the snowman puzzle by going to Area 37 Snow Village, Area 39 Ice Rink, Area 40 Ski Town, and Area 65 Snowman Town. You need to click on all the snowman noses you can find in these areas. Make sure to click on all the snowman noses both left and right side else the secret room door won’t open.

After clicking on all the snowman noses you will find a message that a passage has opened. Now visit the pyramid obby in Area 31 Desert Pyramid and inside you will find a secret door as shown in the image above. Enter the secret room, stand on the altar, and click on it to obtain the Mystery Ticket.

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