Enshourded How To Use & Cast Spells

Enshourded is a survival open world base building game developed by Keen Games GmbH. You can choose any class for your character and use any type of weapon in this vast open world. To cast spells, you will need two items: the staff and the spell charges, which act like ammunition in this game.

While exploring Embervale, you will encounter various enemies and chests inside which you can obtain the staff charges. Spells in this game not only use your mana but also consume equipable staff charges. Below you will find a brief guide on how to craft a staff and find an alchemist.

Enshourded How To Use & Cast Spells

You can obtain a staff by crafting it from the workbench. Interact with the craftbench to open it and hover to the magical weapons menu. There, you will find the staff as a craftable weapon that requires 1x bone and 2x resin. Bones can be obtained by killing wild animals you come across while exploring Embervale, and resin can be obtained by chopping down trees.

After crafting the staff, you need to get the magical ammunition. These staff charges can be found inside the treasure, or you can craft them by interacting with the Alchemist. You can find the alchemist towards the northwest side of your home in the Ancient Vault. After unlocking the alchemist, place it in your home using the summoning staff.

Once summoned, you will be able to craft magical spell ammo by interacting with the alchemist. The first two spells that you will be able to craft after unlocking the alchemist will be Fireball and Ice Bolt. To craft the fireball, you will need red mushrooms, purple berries, and water. To craft the ice bolt, you will need water and shroud liquid.

After crafting the staff and the magical spell ammo, you will be able to cast spells by equipping them in your inventory. You need to place both the staff and the spell into your current action bar slots, which you can find at the bottom of the backpack menu.

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