Palworld – How And Where To Get Pure Quartz?

PalworldPalworld has a huge different types of biomes and it’s common to have unique resources on each of them. What we are looking for is the Pure Quartz i.e. used in crafting the Circuit Board. Currently, at the time of writing this post, there is no other use of Pure Quartz which might be later added as the game is still on Early Access. There are certain equipment and structures that run on electricity and they need a Circuit Board so it is one of the most important resources you would be searching for. Well, it ends here as we have explained everything you need to know where and how to get Pure Quartz.

How And Where To Get Pure Quartz In Palworld?

Pure Quartz can be mined in deposits that are dark in color and have crystals growing out of it. These resources are found in the Frost biome on Astral Mountains as shown in the image below. It is located in the far NorthWest part of the map. However, you cannot go early on as the biome is too cold and without any proper equipment, you will get damage over time from the cold. It is recommended to get armor i.e. cold resistance.


To farm Pure Quartz, it is reasonable to build a base in the Astral Mountain and have Pals who have Work Suitability i.e. Mining to mine it. To mine Pure Quartz you will require a refined metal Pickaxe. The weight of the Pure Quartz is 5 which is quite high for only 1 resource. So, make sure you have Pals that increase the maximum carrying capacity like Cattiva.

Other than mining, you can get Pure Quartz as a possible drop from Pals such as Astegon and Jetragon. For more informative guides on Palworld, check the link that has been provided below the description:

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