Pet Simulator 99 How To Use Magic Machine & Get Fuel

Pet Simulator 99

In Pet Simulator 99, the magic machine is one of the new machines added in the latest update and is available in the Area 77 Haunted Mansion. There are three rewards you can craft from the magic machine using fuel. There are two types of fuels: magic shards and bucket O magic items.

These fuels can be obtained by digging in the advanced digging site or advanced fishing game. You will get the bucket O magic fuel from the advanced digging site and the magic shard in the advanced fishing game.

You won’t need both the fuel to get the rewards. Any one of the fuel can be used to craft the items in the magic machine. For example, you can use either 5 Bucket O magic or 5 magic shards to craft a charm stone or you can use both the fuel too.

Pet Simulator 99 How To Use Magic Machine & Get Fuel

To get the Bucket O Magic fuel, you need to go to the advanced digging site, and beside the signboard, you will find an empty bucket. You need to dig the blocks to find a magic pool. The magic pool location is random and you can find the pool at any level. You don’t need to have the best shovel, but having one helps a lot.

While digging if you find some black unbreakable blocks in the middle that means the magic pool is on the other side of the black block. You need to teleport to the top and then dig from the top side to reach the magic pool. You can collect only once from the magic pool using the empty bucket. To get another fuel, you need to teleport outside and repeat the same process again. The digging area will be reset once almost all the magic is been collected from the pool.

To get the magic shard, you need to go fishing in Area 92. There you have a chance to obtain a magic shard while fishing. Try to get the best fishing rod to improve your chances of getting magic shards quickly. The amount of fuel required to craft the items from the magic machine is 5, 16, and 50. So in total, you will need 71 fuel to obtain all the items.

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