Pet Simulator 99 How To Collect Index Coins

Pet Simulator 99

In Pet Simulator 99, there were two index collection menu boxes where you can see the number of pets you have indexed. This index collection box is located near the spawn and inside the trading plaza. But after the new update, you can find one more index collection box in area 76. Now you can get index coins that can be redeemed to get rewards from the index box. Below you will find a brief guide on how to get index coins.

Pet Simulator 99 How To Collect Index Coins


The Index box is to view all the items and pets available in the game and the ones you have already obtained. In the latest update at the bottom of the Index menu, you will find a new option called Reward. In the reward section, you will find 6 items that require index coins to get them. The list of items available in the Index menu reward are:

  • Diamond Shovel – 3120 Index Coins
  • 4x Crystal Key – 400 Index Coins
  • Charm Stone – 400 Index Coins
  • Day Care Voucher – 850 Index Coins
  • Booth Sloth Voucher – 850 Index Coins
  • Diamond Fishing Rod – 3120 Index Coins
  • Small Box To Store Pets & Items – 1700 Index Coins

More items can be added once you buy some of the items already available in the reward menu. To get index coins you need to index pets available in the game. Basically, you need to have the pet once in your inventory to index them.  For each single pet you index, you will obtain one index coin.

There are three different types of pets available which are:

  • Normal Pets
  • Huge Pets
  • Titanic Pets

Each type of pet has four tiers which are normal, golden, rainbow, and shiny. There are 755 normal-tier pets, 750 golden-tier pets, 755 rainbow-tier pets, and 755 shiny-tier pets. To obtain index coins quickly, first, you need to unlock the final area and then try to open the eggs from area 1 to area 99. Make sure to get all the pets from the egg including the golden and rainbow ones. Shiny pets can be hard to get but you can use the shiny hunter enchant to increase your chances.

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