Pet Simulator 99 How To Get Purple Secret Key & Where To Use It

Pet Simulator 99

In Pet Simulator 99, the latest update introduces the inclusion of the elusive purple secret key, a valuable item that unveils hidden doors in specific locations. Behind these secret doors, players can encounter games of chance and luck, or even a merchant offering a complimentary item. The range of items available as rewards span from common old boots to coveted tier 7 enchantments and beyond.

Pet Simulator 99 How To Get Purple Secret Key & Where To Use It

Currently, three secret areas exist where the purple secret key can be utilized to try one’s luck for the most desirable items. These areas include:

  1. Area 15 (Enchanted Forest): Located on the massive tree, a door awaits interaction, allowing players to use the secret key. Within this area, a merchant presents three items for free, and players must choose only one to keep.
  2. Area 33 (Wild West): On the left side of this region, a general store houses three large chests. Interaction with the general store’s door using the secret key grants access to the room. Each chest contains an item, ranging from common old boots to tier 7 enchants. Players must choose one chest, and the selected item will be added to their inventory.
  3. Area 58 (Fairy Castle): On the right side of this area, a castle beckons exploration. Interaction with the castle door using the secret key reveals a wheel-of-fortune-style game featuring only crystal keys. The spin can result in winning either 1 crystal key or an impressive 50x crystal key.

To obtain a secret key, players need to reach level 75 and utilize the rebirth 3 feature. Upon rebirth, players receive a plethora of rewards, with the secret key being one of them. Alternatively, players can obtain secret key upper or lower parts as drops from breakables. Additionally, secret key parts can be acquired from the free chest in Area 90 (Clouds), positioned on the right side but the drop rate is very low.

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