Palworld- Where To Find Wheat Seeds?

PalworldIn Palworld, there is more to more than just catching and defeating the boss monsters; there is a whole world to explore, learn about all the Pals, and invest time to build your base. The base would need to have everything in order to sustain your and Pals needs. It is important to strengthen your base as many intruders will try to invade your territory after seeing all the juicy plantations you have built. Speaking of Plantation, it might be quite problematic at the beginning to figure out where to get Wheat Seeds for building the Wheat Plantation.

Where To Find Wheat Seeds In Palworld?

PalworldTo build a Wheat Plantation, you will require Wheat Seeds. This will allow your Pal to plant seeds, water, and harvest crops. Particularly, you can get Wheat seeds quite early on from the Wandering Merchant. As the name implies, the merchant can be present at the Small Settlement shown in the image above.

For 100 Gold you can purchase Wheat Seeds or even Wheat which also costs the same. Other than Wheat and Wheat Seeds the Merchant has Milk, Egg, Berry Seeds, Pal Sphere, and all the Grade of Medical Supplies. You need to explore and search for the NPCs as they are quite underrated.

Other than that instead of relying on the Merchant, you can get Wheat Seeds as a drop from catching Dinossom. The Possible Drops of Dinossom are Wheat Seeds so you have to hunt for the green Dragon whenever you see it.

For more informative guides on Palworld, check the link that has been provided below the description:

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