Palworld- How To Get Personal Merchant And Black Marketeer?

PalworldPalworld is an open-world survival crafting game where we can gain Pals with the help of Pal Sphere. There are countless monsters whom you will practice to catch from the beginning who will assist you in all types of work and situations. However, there is no limit to whom you can be friends with. Generally speaking, you can’t only be friends with Pals(monsters) but also with the NPCs, however, the game master deems it to be a forbidden task but it is still doable. So, if you want your own personal Pal and Wanderer Merchant who will be available at all times for trading then here’s what you need to do.

How To Get Your Own Personal Pal Merchant, Wanderer Merchant, And Black Marketeer In Palworld?


To get your own personal Pal Merchant and Wanderer Merchant at your base, you will need to first find them. It is recommended to find them in the red spot shown on the map above. Here, you will always find them as they stand near the carriage. Now, you will need to be prepared as these merchants are in Level 30. So, you will need optimum damage output and high-quality Pal Sphere such as Giga Sphere or Hyper Sphere. (Ultra Sphere or Legendary Sphere depending on the highest quality of Pal Sphere on your disposal at the current time)

However, once you initiate a battle against the Merchant, the PIDF Guard will be deployed and will constantly hunt you. As you have indulged in a forbidden act by capturing the humans inside the Sphere, a Wanted Level will be issued. Make sure that near the Fast Travel point, you let the Guard kill you and pick up all the dropped items. Do not forget to call your Pal back before dying.

Black Marketeer

Black Marketeer can be found in the spot marked in black and similar to Wanderer and Pal Merchant, he can also be caught and added to your base. However, he is a much tougher opponent who boasts at Level 40. He will summon his Pal and bring out his big guns to fight against you. So, you cannot defeat him when you are low-level. However, once you defeat him you will get a personal dealer/shop who deals with stolen pals and prohibited pals. (Isolate the Black Marketeer and his Pal to deal one at a time.)

For more informative guides on Palworld, check the link that has been provided below the description:

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