Palworld Work Suitablity & How To Set Pals To Auto Work


In Palworld, upon opening the palbox management menu, at the bottom of the screen, you can find a slot for pals at the base. Assigning pal at the base will make them auto-work according to their work suitability. Each time you upgrade your base an additional slot will be available for the pals working at base and you can assign more pals.

Each Pal has some passive traits can you can check in the Palbox management system once you have captured them. There are some negative traits of pals like slacking that will impact the work they perform in your base. You need to assign work to the Pals with hardworking passive traits.

Once you reach level 15, you will unlock a structure called a Monitoring stand. Using this structure you can command the pals to work in a brutal environment where the work speed will be highest, moving speed will be highest but San and hunger depletion will also increase. The San meter is the sanity meter of the Pals that increases upon taking a rest, sleeping, or eating. Working in brutal conditions will deteriorate their sanity meter and they might cause chaos in your base.

Palworld Work Suitability & How To Set Pals To Auto Work

There are 12 different types of work available in Palworld which are:

  • Kindling – Fire element pals that help around in cooking and smelting ores in the furnace.
  • Planting – Grass element pals that help around in the planting of berries.
  • Handiwork – The pals with handiwork work suitability will help you in building, crafting, and defending your base.
  • Lumbering – These pals can chop down trees to get wood, and use the logging site to gather wood in the base.
  • Medicine Production – These pals help in medicine production by using the medieval medicine workbench that unlocks after level 12.
  • Transporting – Pals help move resources from one production building into the storage, or the foods produced from the berry plantation, and eggs from the ranch into the feed box.
  • Watering – To run the turbine or water the plant in the berry plantation area, water elements pals are required.
  • Generating Electricity – Pals with electric elements can generate electricity that is required by some of the production buildings such as the electric kitchen.
  • Gathering – Once the food or berry plants are all grown up, a pal with gathering work suitability will gather the required items and store them for you in the feed box.
  • Mining – A pal with digging work suitability will use the stone pit to dig and store stones for your base.
  • Cooling – A pal with an ice element can be used to cool the refrigerator or the cooler to help prevent the food from spoiling.
  • Farming – These pals work on the ranch to provide wool and eggs.

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