Palworld Where To Find High Quality Pal Oil & Cake Location


In Palworld there are a plethora of structures, production, and items to be crafted. To build or craft these things you will need a lot of resources. One of the resources you will need to craft guns in the game is High-quality Pals oil. The cake is also an item that is required for breeding pals. Below you will find a brief guide on the location where you will find all of these resources easily.

Palworld Where To Find High-Quality Pal Oil

High-quality pal oil is required to craft guns. The first gun you can unlock is a musket. You must be at least level 21 to unlock guns from the technology menu. The quickest way to level up in this game is to catch as many pals as possible.

You need to be at least around levels 17-20 to obtain high-quality pal oil. The best way to find this item is by visiting the location marked on the above map. There you will find two pals called “Digtoise” and “Dumud”. You can capture or defeat these pals and they will drop high-quality pal oils.

On the map, you can also find the nearest fast travel point that you can unlock to gather high-quality pal oil whenever you want.

Palworld Where To Find Cake

There are two ways to get cake in this game that is used for breeding. While the resources required to build a breeding farm can be obtained easily, finding cake from drops can be hard as it is not guaranteed.

The first method to get cake is by finding a pal called “Lovander”. This pal can be found in a similar area as marked in the image above along with Digtoise and Dumud. But you need to visit the area during the nighttime to find this pal. The paldeck shows the possible drop from Lovander is the cake but the drop rate is quite low.

The second method to get cake is by reaching level 17 and unlocking the cooking pot. In this structure, you will be able to bake a cake and the ingredients required to make one are:

  • Red Berries 8x
  • Flour 5x
  • Milk 7x
  • Egg 8x
  • Honey 2x

Berries can be obtained from Berry Plantation. Flour can be obtained from the Mill and you will need wheat for it. Milk can be obtained from the merchant located in the settlement or by using the Mozzarina pal. Eggs can be obtained from Chikipi by building a ranch in the base and assigning Chikipi. You need to defeat certain pals that have possible drops as honey. These pals areĀ Beegarde, Cinnamoth, and Elizabee.

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