Palworld Challenge The Boss At Rayne Syndicate Tower Guide


In Palworld, the final tutorial quest will be to defeat the boss at Rayne Syndicate Tower. But before taking up on the boss, I would suggest you at least get to level 15 and capture some pals that deal ground elemental damage. You can quickly reach level 15 by capturing pals using the Pal Sphere. Some of the pals with ground elemental ability that you can capture early game are:

  • Eikthyrdeer 
  • Rushboar
  • Melpaca
  • Gumoss
  • Hangyu 

Palworld Challenge The Boss At Rayne Syndicate Tower Guide

Each pal in this game can have three active abilities that unlock once they level up. A pal will have all three abilities unlocked once they reach level 15. The boss at the Rayne Syndicate Tower will use an electric elemental-type pal called “Grizzbolt”. This pal is weak against ground elemental attacks, so using the pals mentioned above, you can easily defeat the tower boss.

The Grizzbolt will use four to five different types of attacks that you need to dodge by using the roll ability. If you are playing on the PC you can press the Ctrl button to roll or B button if you playing on Xbox. You need to craft a bow, arrow, and a common shield to protect your main character from dying.

You can bring forth one pal at a time to fight against the boss. When the boss is focusing on your pal, you can deal some melee damage using the bat or spear. If the focus is on your main character, you can hide behind pillars or dodge the attacks using a roll, then shoot from a distance using the bow and arrow.

Hitting the human Zoe sitting at the top of the Pal Grizzbolt with a bow and arrow will deal maximum damage to the boss. If you are dealing a lot of ground elemental damage, then you can easily defeat the boss within the time limit of 10 minutes.

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