How To Get OP Early In Palworld

PalworldPalworld is a world where you can catch and befriend Pals who all have unique traits, stats, and Work Suitability. These Pals are the best workforce you can get who will assist you from Combat to farming. You will need to implement and use your Pals more efficiently to get the most out of them. Here are few things you might need to do in order to get OP from the early game!

How To Get OP Early In Palworld?

Investing in your Technology Points plays an important role if you want to get a steady start and get powerful instantly. It is not important to unlock everything in sequence as you might not even require half of the Items or Structures. Only unlock the necessary Items or Structures that you need currently.

Once getting Level 6 at Tech Tree, you will be able to unlock a certain item known as Foxpark’s Harness. As we must have caught Foxpark quite early on, this item makes Foxpark a Flamethrower which can deal devastating damage to the bosses who are weaker against Fire Elemental.

Similarly, there is a certain Overpowered Item in Tech Tree quite early as on Levels 11, and 12 i.e. Lifmunk’s Submachine Gun and Tenzee’s Assault Rifle respectively. It might seem absurd and funny but Tenzee and Lifmunk can go ballistic with the Gunner Mode and can melt down bosses pretty efficiently.

Tenzee and Lifemunk can have the weapon before you can get a Crossbow or Rifle. So, it is highly recommended to get these items. This might seem to be a meme item but trust me it is a pretty funny and powerful meme build that you must not miss.

Next in line would be to get a Flying Mount i.e. Nitewing to explore quickly. After reaching Level 15 in Tech Tree, you can unlock Nitewing Saddle to ride safely and get anywhere you want to.

To get certain elemental damages for example Electric or Fire damage on your Makeshift Handgun, you can summon and ride your Elemental Pals and your attack damage will be modified to that elemental. This can easily be exploited and defeat strong bosses by countering them with the elemental damage they are weak of.

For more informative guides on Palworld, check the link that has been provided below the description:

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