10 Palworld Beginner Tips & Tricks That You Have To Know

PalworldPalworld is a game that is similar to the game we know i.e. Pokemon. In the Palworld we encounter monsters or creatures known as Pals. There are a bunch of Pals and each of them has different Work Suitability, Traits, Skills, Stats, Elemental Affinity, and many more. Their stats can be upgraded if you have caught a bunch of them. If you are new to this game then you might need to know these essential tricks that will let you progress the game smoothly.

10 Palworld Beginner Tips & Tricks That You Have To Know

  1. Collect as much food as you can at the early stage as you will require it to feed yourself and your Pals later on.
  2. Instead of killing the Pals or creatures, you might want to catch them as the item drops of killing and catching are the same. Later the excess Pals can be butchered for additional materials.
  3. Collect as much Pal Sphere as you can and initially start collecting Cattiva. Though Cattiva is not helpful in Combat but the Partner Skill i.e. Cat Helper increases your max carrying capacity when it is in your team. Cattiva will also help you in building structures which is always useful.
  4. Summon your Pals whenever you are out to explore and farm resources as a few of the Pals from the beginning such as Cattiva who have the Work Suitability will assist you in farming.
  5. After building Workbench as soon as you unlock it, you will gain access to the Pickaxe and Stone Axe to collect resources. During your expedition, make sure you are mining as later on you will be required to craft an Ingot which if necessary it is advised to gather all the raw materials while going out to explore. If you manage to encounter Rushoar, it is highly recommended to catch it as it not only serves the purpose of a mount but also its ability Reckless Charge mines the stone or ore instantaneously.
  6. Even if you encounter the same species of Pals, it is recommended to catch them to gain EXP and later upgrade their stats and rank.
  7. Eventually, you will be building a base, so it is recommended to choose an area where the ground is at the same level. You will need to build a Logging Site and Stone Pit to gather resources. Build the Wooden Chest near the working areas so that they can store all the resources automatically. To assign a Pal, simply Lift and throw them to a certain working site.
  8. Building a Ranch and as per your Pals Work Suitability i.e. Farming, they will drop their respective possible drops whenever they farm. So having different types of Farming Pals will let you gather various types of resources and loot in your Farm.
  9. Next, you can get double the resources if you Butcher your Pals with the help of Meat Cleaver. When you catch the Pals, they drop material whereas if you butcher them they will still drop the materials and that too it is doubled. Use the command: Butcher Hoocrates.
  10. While exploring, you will come across Pal Merchants or Traders, it is highly recommended to find them as they hold quite valuable items in their inventory. Sell your excess items if necessary.
Bonus Tip

Hunt at night when you have unlocked the air mount. You can see Fast Travel points and other POI from a long distance. Another advantage is that you can simply deal double the damage to the sleeping Pals or have a higher success rate of catching them from the back as they are not aware and vulnerable.

Some tips might be elementary but the whole purpose is to quickly implement these styles as you need to be ahead and have a clear advantage until the game tells you to do these. For more informative guides on Palworld, check the link that has been provided below the description:

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