Palworld Where To Find Pal Fluids & Craft Hot Spring


In Palworld there are more than 100 types of pals and various types of objects that you can craft to explore the Island. To build some of the production building and the infrastructure you will need certain types of resources. These resources can be found by exploring the wild and defeating the pals in battle. Below you will find a brief guide on how to obtain one of the resources called Pal Fluids that is required to complete the tutorial quest.

Palworld Where To Find Pal Fluids & Craft Hot Spring

To build any object in this game, you will need a certain type of resources. These resources can be found by exploring various islands or by collecting from the pals. You need to defeat the pals in the battle, after which they will drop some resources that can be used to craft various items.

One of the items you will require early game is the pal fluid. This item is required to upgrade your base from level 6 to level 7. The criteria you need to fulfill to upgrade your base is to build a hot spring for the pals. The resources required to craft the hot spring are:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Paldium Fragment
  • Pal Fluids

Wood can be obtained by chopping down trees using an axe and stone can be obtained by mining the rocks. Paldium fragments can be obtained by mining the blue rocks near the river. Pal Fluid is an item dropped after defeating a pal called Pengullet, Teafant, and Celaray in the early game. You can find any water element pal and defeat it to obtain the pal fluid.

One of the other items that you will require to repair your tundra and tropical outfit is the Ice and Flame organ. These items are dropped from the ice and fire elemental pal. Defeating Pengullet in a battle will drop both the items Pal Fluid and the Ice Organ. The tundra outfit protects you from the cold and by wearing it, you can explore the islands during the nighttime to find more dangerous pals.

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