Palworld How To Fly & Get A Flying Mount


Palworld is a survival game where you can tame various types of monsters, build settlements, and work with your pals. Flying in Palworld opens up many new areas that require a lot of climbing. Every action requires stamina and climbing up a high cliff will be difficult at the beginning of the game. Once you reach level 15, you will be able to capture a flying mount and use it to fly around the map and reach higher areas easily. Below you will find a brief guide on how to fly and get a flying mount.

Palworld How To Fly & Get A Flying Mount

To get a flying mount, you need to capture a flying pal. The first flying pal you will encounter in the game is called “Nitewing”. These pals can be found in the location shown in the image above. These pals will be flying in the air and you need a bow and arrow to get their attention.

Shoot an arrow on the pals to make them start attacking you and use your pals to lower the Nitewing Health bar. Once the health drops below 20%, you can throw a Pal Sphere to capture the pal. After capturing you need to reach level 15 to unlock the Nitewing Saddle.

A saddle is an item that can be crafted from the Pal Gear Workbench to mount a particular pal. You need to craft different saddles for each pal you want to use as a mount. To unlock the saddle and Pal Gear Workbench you need first to level up your character, then open the technology menu to unlock them.

To ride a Nitewing, you will have to craft a Nitewing Saddle. The resources required to craft the saddle are:

  • Leather 20x
  • Cloth 10x
  • Ingot 15x
  • Fiber 20x
  • Paldium Fragment 20x

Leather will be dropped after defeating a certain pals. Some pals that drop leather are Direhowl, Rushboar, Foxparks, and much more. Cloth can be crafted using wool from the workbench. Wool can be obtained from the Lamball pals.

To get ingots, you need to first collect ore from the reddish silver-looking boulders. Use your pickaxe to dig ores from these boulders and then place the ores in a Primitive furnace to get ingot. Fiber can be obtained by chopping down trees. Paldium fragments can be found by mining the blue rocks found near the waters.

After collecting all the required resources, you can craft a Nitewing saddle and then ride the Nitewing by bringing them out from the Pal sphere. You can only fly a certain distance before the stamina runs out. Once the stamina depletes, Nitewing will descend to the ground to restore the stamina and fly up again. You won’t be generating stamina while being up in the air. You need to be on the ground for the stamina bar to refill.

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