Palworld All Elements List & Best Elemental Pals


In the vibrant world of Palworld, players are introduced to a captivating game that weaves elemental mechanics into its core gameplay. Much like the Pokémon universe, Palworld introduces a diverse range of elemental types, each with its strengths and weaknesses, paving the way for strategic and engaging gameplay.

Palworld immerses players in a world where Water, Fire, Grass, Ground, Electric, Ice, Dragon, Dark, and Neutral elements coexist. The game’s central objective revolves around capturing and training creatures, known as “Pals,” of various elemental types to build a formidable team and navigate through challenges. Below you will find a guide on elements that will give you a brief idea of which type of pals you need to use in battle against certain elements.

Palworld All Elements List & Best Elemental Pals

The elemental types in Palworld bring a unique twist to the classic rock-paper-scissors dynamic. Water extinguishes Fire, Fire consumes Grass, Grass overpowers Ground, Ground conducts Electricity, and Electric trumps Water. Additionally, Fire melts Ice, Ice conquers Dragon, Dragon prevails over Dark, and Dark dominates Neutral.

Elemental attacks will deal more damage to the elements they are strong against and will deal less to the elements they are weak against. Neutral is the only type of element that is not strong against any type but will deal average damage to all types of elements. Using an elemental pal that is stronger against another pal element will give you a strategic boost in the battle.

The best option will be to have at least 3-4 pals of each elemental type. You can keep only 5 pals in your active party and can switch them anytime you want using the Palbox management system. This way you can defeat the area boss or syndicate tower bosses easily. The best elemental pals will be the ones that have multiple elements such as Chillet the first boss you will encounter will be an Ice and Dragon-type element pal. This pal can learn both ice and dragon-type moves.

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