Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown – The Lost Warrior All Location

Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

While exploring Mount Qaf in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown and in the Lower City which is on the way toward Hyrcanian Forest, you will meet a warrior Nojan who is on a deathbed. Nojan was Ardashir’s right-hand man, a good tactician, and a respected strategist, but he stayed away from the battlefield whenever possible. His final wish was to find all the lost warriors and demand you to “Free 8 Ardashir’s soldiers from the curse.

The Key item you obtain from accepting the quest from Nojan is “Insignia Of Persepolis“. If you are following this quest specifically and looking to find all 8 Ardashir soldiers to end their curse, here’s where you can find them.

The Lost Warrior Side Quest Or All Warrior Location For Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

1st Ardashir’s Soldier (Hyrcanian Forest)

Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

Khosrow was always very fond of Bijan, even commissioned Morteza to write a poem about him. Khosrow was first in the recruitment line when he saw that Bijan had joined Ardashir’s men.

2nd Ardashir’s Soldier (Old Royal Road)


Morteza had a certain admiration for Menolias. He also loved poetry and had a habit of writing poems in the memory of fallen soldiers on the battlefield after every victory.

3rd Ardashir’s Soldier (The Depths)

Prince Of Persia The Lost CrownBijan joined Ardashir’s men to prove himself to his older brother Reza, and show the world how strong he can be.

4th Ardashir’s Soldier (Pit Of Eternal Sands)

Prince Of Persia The Lost CrownSaman always preferred writing and acting, but after Ardashir noticed his skill in a fight, Thomyris asked for Saman to put down his useless pen and pick a weapon to save Persia.

5th Ardashir’s Soldier (The Depths)

Prince Of Persia The Lost CrownReza was a fierce warrior, dedicated to protecting Persia and his little brother Bijan. He intended to serve the people of Persia until his dying breath, and he did…

6th Ardashir’s Soldier (Sacred Archives)

After obtaining the Holy Key, you can enter this area.

POPTLCKoorosh was a political opponent to the crown, and leader of a group opposing Thomyris. However, she managed to force him into joining Ardashir’s men in order to keep a closer eye on him at all time.

7th Ardashir’s Soldier (Tower Of Silence)

Prince Of Persia The Lost CrownPirouz was a political prisoner of Thomyris, but Ardashir saw something in him while Pirouz rotted in his cell, and somehow convinced Thomyris that he could make a great defender of Persia out of him. Ardashir was proven right.

8th Ardashir’s Soldier (Upper City)

POPTLCMasoud was almost a little brother or even son to Nojan. Masoud always respected Nojan’s genius. When Nojan asked Masoud if he wanted to join the ranks of Ardashir’s men, the young one didn’t hesitate for a second.

Final Phase


After defeating all the 8 Lost Warriors, go to Lower City as shown and fight against the Ardashir. The boss will drop a Soma Petal and let you earn a Trophy/Achievement i.e. “A Warrior’s End“. This will conclude The Lost Warriors side quest.

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